My eyes is getting heavier now,So I'm afraid can't stay late tonight and I am not going to compromise my health so might as well give myself a good rest after I finish this write ups. But before I do that, I will update everyone here the latest buzz in me today, Yay! feeling famous. haha. 

A new housemate moved in today, and I'm glad that they are both working. Their couple so I guess I will have to observe and take note of some difference of sharing a home with a couple over former single ladies housemates. If you will ask me of the first impression that I have for my new housemate, I could say I have a positive vibe with them. I hope things will get along for both of us here, help us God. I hope that as we get to know each other everyday, we could install a good values inside the house. I'm actually expecting it since we are all matured working professionals.

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