We are now in the second week of September and next day you know its Christmas time again. Time is running fast and before I make complaints again for the hassles and traffic in the metro and the crowded scenes in every malls and bazaar area, I am now planning to buy gifts for Christmas which I will be handing to my loved ones. Cards, accessories, toys , beauty care and other stuff that I can share on Christmas gift giving time.

When I was a kid, I appreciate the yuletide season a lot maybe because they say, Christmas is for kids. Children receive countless gifts from their God mother and God father and their Parents. These are one of the things that I like about Christmas, giving and receiving. It has been a tradition during the birth of Christ the king.

I hope that everyone is not forgetting also that we celebrate Christmas because we believe that Christ was born and is willing to give His all to those who believes and welcome Him as our personal savior.Amen!

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