What is your Heart Condition?

What is your heart condition right now? Are you inlove? Broken hearted? Lonely ? well here are some facts of interpretation  about our  heart conditions

  • Inlove ,  Life is so good, so fabolous and exciting , life is inspiring. 
  • Broken Hearted , Life is dim and lonely, life is not interesting , life is empty.
  •  Bitter Heart, Life sucks! 
  • Greedy Heart , Life is without contentment.
  • Happy Heart, Life is light and always smiling.
  • Jealous Heart , Life is insecure
  • Envious Heart ,  Makes you ambitious.
  • Angry Heart , Hates the world.

Heart gives us different kinds of emotions that we could act according to the conditions of the heart. But no matter how bad is the condition of our hearts, we must not be downcast and lifeless. We must fight the negative feelings it caused. We can always command ourselves to get moving and find a life and be positive!


Shawie said...

I'm both these:
In love , Life is so good, so fabulous and exciting , life is inspiring.
Happy Heart, Life is light and always smiling.
Yeah, life is grand and beautiful:))

Salute said...

When it is from the heart life is good. And it says that we have a Good God.