Images of devotions

 When somebody gives you three red roses, it means : I LOVE YOU , Two red roses : I CARE , One red rose - Well , roses are expensive , your boyfriend could only afford one.

Language is essential for expression. Symbols, composed of sounds , words and meanings all  for effective and affective communication. Symbolism is therefore the essence of language. Images are faith expressions.  A part of humanities interactive perception in an attempt to reach out to God. The whole bible itself is a coterie of language, symbols, images and pictures because it is a faith expression of choosen peoples experience of God through the history of salvation.  If three red roses is for I love you we must be a result of a deep expression of a deep experience of love and of course human nature.You may  refer to revelation 4:6-8.


Salute said...

Roses are my favorite. They speak for themselves.

JETTRO said...

hi roses for you yen
muzta na nightshift ako take care always yen

yen invite kita dito mag register ka rito ha
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