Can you keep the Love alive when you are living with your partner you no longer love? But you have children with him. I have asked this question because one of my dear friends is having a problem with her marriage. I am so concern with her that I didn't realize that I am giving her the worst advice, I have judge her marriage according to what I saw and what I believe that is best for both of them.

I believe that every marriage is unique and has God's blessing. And I also believe that there is no such thing called “Accident in life” all things happened to serve its purpose. I am not against divorce but I am not favor with that kind of solution. I regret giving my friend an immature advice; I told her to annul her marriage with her irresponsible husband, without thinking that they have a child. Instead of convincing her that it is still best for both of them to sit down and humble themselves to discuss their issues and find solutions that will make them strong together.

“Marriage is not a bed of roses" as I usually heard among the couples who are striving to save their marriage. What good it can give when they both decides to end up their marriage. I know a couple who does not love each other anymore but keeps intact for the sake of their children. The mother sacrifices her own happiness to protect her marriage with her irresponsible husband. Today, their 4 children had grown up and has a good careers in their fields of expertise, but as to her marriage the issue has not yet settled between them but the point is , they are still making their way to keep the family whole and solid for the welfare of their children.

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Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

True! very very true indeed!