Maintaining character

Being wealthy gives you the access to do what you desire, to have what you wish for. One best example I knew is the family I have known for how many years. This family used to live a very simple life. They can't even send all of their children in school, but one day the very simple life become extravagant in living; their father won millions in lottery. So their family lifestyle change, they send their children to school and purchase a new house and lot. Things have change for good that was I knew, but after months of being an instant millionaire I noticed that the relationship in that family had also change. The character of each family member becomes extreme in attitude. Pride was developed; my friend in that family became arrogant and rude. Money had changed him.  

Some people become slaves in money. They think they are superior to others because they have plenty. They failed to see that money isn't everything. God said “do not be conformed in the things of the world".  

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