Yesterday I shopped at Tutuban Mall in Divisoria, Every time I go in that place I always take home stuff's in good deals. For two thousand pesos I was able to purchased some of these items; one pants (above the knee cut) , two cute undies in pink and white colors , one sexy bra in black color , two cotton sleeveless shirts , two curtains and one black jacket that I truly like, I got it for almost half of its real price. If I will buy that jacket in the malls it will seriously cost me much. So I am very lucky to have that jacket at a very friendly price. I am a practical buyer, I don’t go for signature items because in my opinion I can still get the same quality even if I shop for brand less items. If I have a branded shirt but I am not comfortable in wearing it, it will still be useless. It is only a matter of choice, the things that matters most for me is the comfort I can get from the items I buy.

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Salute said...

Sounds like me, I am a bargin shopper. Happy shopping and have a great week.