Just as I am about to re charge my phone , when I saw my cell phone remind me of my callers name. I know it was my Late landlords partner whom I heard is the new manager for the apartment I am occupying. She informed me that even without Mang Danny, she will continue to use the number of the phone. She was more open and professional now and friendly to talk, unlike my first year of stay here, I guess this is what they say that, everyone changes for good and I am happy that she was now a change one. She also acknowledge my on time payment which I take as a compliment though in reality I am just doing my responsibility as their tenant. Here now is the good part, when I ask if its possible that they increase my rent every other year , she agree and was very much accommodating, Thank God, It was a big relief on my part and to my sister as well. I have been praying for that for years now, and truly God heard my prayer, amazing.

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kim said...

good news, indeed!