What I am am to these days? I myself also do not know,scary Isn't it.I guess it is one of my many reason why suddenly I slow down with my hobbies and passion. After my long vacation I am up for some thing again. So let's see what is going to happen with my new found career. 

I am hungry now but lazy to prepare food and also it is already late night, so I am not going to the kitchen to feed my tummy. While typing right now I do not know what to write exactly, all I know is that I am multi- tasking, watching my favorite show and updating my page. Earlier my plan was to post personal update and blog hop, but maybe I can't focus on writing as my eyes also is enjoying the show.Tomorrow, I am obligated  to wake up early and go to work and attend our weekly morning devotion where everyone in our department is expected to join.In short its a mandatory activity. Am I complaining' no,just sharing my update.

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