Our first per-board is getting near two weeks from now we will be tested for our capability to grasp things correctly on all the lectures made by reviewing authority. A friend of mine ask me if I am excited with the upcoming examination, Yes I am  and feeling nervous and hopeful that I may be able to pass all the subjects. She said I should take it easy, slow down and relax to conditioned my mind for the testing day. Not only that she advices me to slow down but she also offered me go with her at Orbeez Soothing Spa And that really is a refreshing way to relax so I am  looking forward to that , I have to inform her of my availability as well to see if our free time will permit us to do so. 

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Fadjar said...

Refreshing is one of way to create a better life. Why..? Because the brain and heart consolidate to create a creative people.