I am counting the days of December and as I was doing it I realized how pass the comes by. The following day your just preparing breakfast, then suddenly your at work and going home at night to rest and be relax. As I have mention on my previous post, today was my small group Christmas party, or shall I call it thanksgiving to  our father almighty up and above. I still have three (3) more party to join aside from Christmas day and New year and it will mean for me a  pound to add up in the weighing scale. Forgive me as it is so hard to resist those foods in front of me waiting to be tasted

Our small group party this afternoon was fantastic, I had fun and a loaded of laughter and after the party went straight to attend the last church service today. And now, after this updating I am going to give myself a pampering. A good night sleep for tomorrows work, hopping will do tomorrow. :)

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Karla said...

Yes, time passes by so fast! :) Wow, you are attending a lot of parties. It's great to go out once in a while. Glad you had fun in your small group party.

Advance Merry Christmas Yen! ^__^