Our society now is compose more of techie people, Do you agree? Cars are computer generated now, internet is essential for almost all of us, innovation evolved fast, can you now imagine how life without  innovation in the technology. It surely be so hard for the business sector I think. Anyway ,  Did you once experienced listing the things that you want to have during the year? Like to have that new phone, designers bag, new laptop and camera. Well, I do that every year and mark all those item that I bought. Next year would mean a new list for me. Right now I am into canvassing for laptop,one of the brand I was able to check was the gateway computers and have compared price and specification with other competitors brand, the sales representative that entertain me has her own way of convincing every possible buyer that enter in their store. And its one that I like, the sales person giving you idea over a particular item. As through them you learn more about the differences of each brand. 

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