Last Monday, we have our film showing in the company where I am working right now, the title was about the prophesy about end times. The film lasted for almost two hours, first of all that morning my eyes was heavy as I lack sleep on the prior evening. My first reaction was good , I could relax and take a nap while the film is playing. That was I thought when the show was not yet announced of what is all about. But when it started playing , I set aside my plan and begun to watch the compilation of documentary.

The film was more of Planet Earth reaction towards tectonic magnetic plate that according to the author of the film was recording some weakening that the normal magnet could not hold anymore the Planet.It was said  that it has caused  movement of north pole, that triggered Earthquakes to some part of the country, tidal waves, tsunamis and other  fortuitous events. It was also about  a new planet that NASA discovered , where they say might crashed to our planet Earth, the  new found planet was called nibiru. If it crashed to our Planet, then we all be turn back to dust. Some great  prophets  of our time predicted that there will come a time when our telecommunication would be useless, satellite would crash down, all machinery operated by computer will not function anymore, internet , cellphones, money, will have no value anymore. High rise buildings would fall down , scarcity on food, contaminated water, broken relationship, What then can we hope for? if all this things happen one day,can you stand firm with the Lord.

After watching that film, going down to my table and start working, my mind was still replaying the scenes from the film, the feeling was heavy , I was wondering if those things would happen like the movie 2012, What a disastrous  ending could we all have. Oh God, Please spare us from the wrath of your anger , help us to turn our back from our evil deeds.


Jun said...

The world has experienced several upheavals before. It is a survivor. Things would happen regardless of what man does.

kim said...

the idea about the end of the world is really scary if you think about it. however, when and if it happens, i guess there is nothing anyone can do, there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, so why bother. if we die, we die, at least we have experienced how to live and i guess that's what matters. love this post, yen! keep them coming..