Talking tonight with my happiness and sharing him my plans for this coming year , suddenly he aired his opinion regarding my plans. And questions such as : Can you really manage to do that? , Aren't you going to get tired and bored with that scheme? Are you sure that's what you really want? Of course I have to answer those question to shed him some lights. First of all, If others can do it why can't I? although I know were he is coming from, because as he was justifying, You are working 5 days a week  8 hours a day and during weekend you have  your church activity and now you are going to enroll that the whole of your weekend will be consumed by your schooling?. But after his justification, he still gives me the decision if I am going to pursue my future plan.

My side is that, I have already let some precious years of mine wandering experimenting, exploring, waiting yet I have no direction at all. Why would I let another year passed by of me add up to the counting of my being idle and unproductive most of the time. I know this plan of mine would mean a huge adjustment to my lifestyle and will even make me sacrifice few hours a day and weeks, but this is not about what comfort I am getting right now, I am more after for the long term benefit , sacrifice and self discipline could provide me. I will trust the Lord to strengthen me and keep me in faith.


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