My cousin Ayra, ask me to help her find the best gift for her cousin on her dad's side. And before I could suggest  idea on gifts to give for the upcoming 21st birthday of her lovely cousin, I gather first some basic information like interest, hobbies , her likes and dislike and from then , I come up with a brighter idea. I told Ayra, to come up with a creative personalized 21st birthday gifts for her lovely cousin. It does not need to be that expensive, since the birthday celebrant loves accessories, maybe she can engraved the celebrant name on  a chain holder , necklace pendant and more, I've already given her more option to prepare for her cousins special day.  And with all that  I believe her cousin  will appreciate it very much, Knowing that Ayra had really spent time and effort finding her the coolest gift she could have on her 21st birthday.  

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lina@women's perspectives said...

Accessories and jewelries will always become special gifts for anyone :)