Here I am again, looking for something that will make my night exciting. I mean things that could re live my curiosity on things and matters I can't explain at this very moment while I'm in random thoughts. I already turn on the television, and my desktop is also on, but what's the difference of my night tonight with those previous nights?. Out of boredom I thought of drinking, yay! I still have work tomorrow, no' to hang over., or how about try Romeo cigars that I heard has a smooth taste because its made of finest tobacco. How about pulling off my books that I am not yet done and have a good read. At the end of this blabbing, I am deciding to just take a rest, sleep early and don't be so curious on things tonight. Might as well give myself a break this time.

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Laikka said...

yay..cigars??heheh..better to blog..heheh!

good day yen!