I was asking my friend about the offer for their audit staff, as she was recruiting me try out in their office, she was telling me I will first be offered an entry level offer. It makes me think twice, if I would jump off the offer. Anyway, according to her , after the probationary period I will be given my preferred offer and compensation, and she was telling me , I forget about the salary package first, because what is important is the experience I will get from the audit works, She has a point somehow but I'm not yet decided if I am really willing to let go of my current work. Though at times I got bored of my job, I stop complaining when I start counting my blessings.

Speaking of entry level opportunities, I was reminded of entry level electrical engineering jobs that I once read about.This is good news to all the graduating students of Engineering this year, specially those under electrical engineering course. With what our world has today, every opportunity is worth a try if you know your qualified with the requirements, the competition is very stiff nowadays so I greatly suggest the new graduate to be smart and aggressive in job hunting, be humble of course and be yourself, and most of all, consult God for all your decision making.

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