I'm so fond of watching series that has something to do with law and order and other documentaries about crimes investigation. Just recently, I was pinned down in this story about the great escape of the  suspect, who killed a police officer  when he was running to avoid the police. When he was in jail, he  was able to get out of the prison using his special ability, those things that you least think that he can use as an accessory  was actually the reason why he was able to do his plan.

On some part, there are complaints about assault & battery everywhere.And we all know, the complained party  remained innocent unless proven guilty. Complained party has the right to defend themselves that are given the chance to be heard in their appeal. I heard San Diego Assault Lawyer are best and  knows how to handle such case with much concern and support with their clients, which is why  if your  attorney is good and you have all the evidence to show off your innocence, you'll get out eventually  of  trouble. 

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