I have so many things in my mind since last week that I wanted to buy, sort of replacing the old furniture and other stuff inside the house. It will cost me much , I know that's why I am saving for it. I have to cut those expenses that are not necessary and I can live without. I have been canvassing also for the items where I could buy the item at a discounted rate. Aside from new furniture, I'm also considering the cellular blinds, to which I can put in my rooms window. I hope it will not take me more months before I could purchase those item, If I have credit card, I'm pretty sure I had those stuff already inside my house. But thank goodness, I don't have credit card, anymore, because I'm a compulsive buyer. And I may not control myself once I saw those things that I like and just  let my card swipe here and there, and then regret later  for the bills. At least now, I am taught to earn and save before indulging myself into things that I want to buy.

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