Can you imagine how money smiles these days? they are valuable and loved and kept with care in our pockets , vaults and in bank. We spent money more these days because we buy presents for our loved ones and for ourselves also.Its also tempting to spent on new high tech gadget, dress, shoes and other stuff that gives us boost. 

If we are not going to spent wisely our hard earned money, and let ourselves indulged for good things while we have money in our pockets, then chances are those big malls are going to swept out our money in no time, and when we realized it, I hope it's not yet late for us to account our expenses then shook head when we found out that our budget has exceed our limits. A friendly reminder, let's be wise and be in control, leave the temptation at home, don't bring credit cards when visiting the malls, so you won't go after that red velvet dress that you wish to wear on Christmas.Don't be fool by "ENJOY NOW PAY LATER" . That punch line on some credit card is my motivation not to swipe my card, for me it says "ENJOY NOW THEN SUFFER LATER". Yay!

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EINz said...

Ouch! have grabbed that 'pay later' last month for our DSLR, but I think its worth it... big purchase like this makes our CC to the rescue. hehe