I've always wonder how the I.T in our company traces our logs in the net whenever we try to access a website in the office. After accessing the site the next thing we know the site that we access the other day , when visited in the next day is already blocked by the admin. And because of that incident, I have learned about key logger  thing, which our admin possibly used to monitor the activity of all employee who is doing the work and who is goofing around. After learning about this data extractor , everyone in the office begun to scan and choose the site that they wish to access, and that includes me also. Of course I don't want to get a memorandum for violating the I.T rules. 

Also, I become interested with the capability and features of a spy software in my personal computer could have, so I can monitor the sites that my niece and nephews are visiting during their free time and everyone is not around to monitor their internet activities without them knowing, and to scan as well the sites that is also viewable to my siblings, for their protection and to preserve their innocence against internet violence and abuse.I hope I could own this one , soon as I believe this is a good investment.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, key logger is great for those who want to control the activities in their computer if they are also used by other people. This way, we can monitor the sites visited by our kids using the computer. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

ALBERT said...

I set my parental control- you could do the same. I think they monitor me too. nag staro ako ni sir nvb nung paalis ako huhuhu
indi p naman kami close ni jorge nun