Also after hearing the news about the acquittal for the suspects of Vizconde Massacre, I also learned that, another favor was given to a complained video grapher of his own sex scandal that involves a sexy starlet. Hayden Kho was acquitted in the case of  his video sex scandal, and His professional license where confiscated two years ago, so he was not allowed to practice his profession because of the moral ethics he has violated.  But again, He is now a free man, he can now practice his field of expertise, plus he also launched a new line of business. What can you say to this?  As for me , Can't say I'm happy for his acquittal, because I'm a woman  and my sympathy goes to the woman he has wronged, regardless if the complainant has  given her  permission to do it or not, still his act is not acceptable some woman was demoralized because of that case, if not all. I hope it won't happen to any woman again. Peace , and Happy holiday


rich said...

I'm still torn about the Vizconde result because I don't know much about the case. Yes I know there were witnesses years back pero not all of their accounts match and the star witness was even a drug addict. Then there's so much evidences daw that points out that H. Webb is in the US during the time of the crime. BUT why are the important evidence such as samples from the victim went missing? Blah-blah... Maraming loopholes sa case kaya I'm not sure if tama ba yung nangyari or not. I can't judge din kasi cause I don't have proper knowledge of the case. :/

About Hayden Kho's acquittal, ewan ko ba... I somehow expected this result eh. Yes I'm a woman too pero iba kasi yung case kay Katrina & Hayden. :/

Earth said...

i am really sad about the outcome of the vizconde case. i've followed the development of the case, and pessimistic as I was, I still hoped that something good will come out of it.

not fan of katrina halili, but i wouldn't do a double take on hayden kho..

JENIE=) said...

these news actually made me somewhat sad. reminds me how our world is turning out to be. i wrote an article about the Rotten Justice. Hope you can come visit.

life round meNyou

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You can no longer be sure whether the decisions of the courts are correct and warranted by adequate evidences since justice in the Philippines can be bought by the highest bidder. The eyewitness account of the star witness- Jessica Alfaro and the so called air tight alibi of Hubert Webb that he was in the US when the crime was committed can not be both correct and accurate. One of them is lying. In the case of Hyden Kho, he is again in the prosperous arms of Vicky Bello who will not hesitate to part with some paltry million for her amorous lover. The Philippines is a sick society because of these perverts. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.