I went to church this morning, and the topic was about having the Filipino mindset. It was the last subject that the pastor had discussed for this month. The first week teaching was Kanya- Kanya ( Selfishness) , second week was Crab mentality ( I'm not sure with these, as I am having my memory gap right now, sorry ). Third week was about being Machonurin ( Being a figure head of Man in the family ) and in fourth week, its about ningas cogon . Ningas Cogon , definition is starting something but not finishing it. And our pastor was telling us the negative effect of having this attitude. That we should always take full actions and responsibility on things that we started. On our spiritual battle for example. Pastor Robert sample the life of a christian that is new to the congregation , how the christian flame in worshiping God , but as the years went by, that flame deteriorate, Most of us  get back to our old selves. We are just good on the first round but eventually as we get through in the journey, we quit because we don't like to bear pains. Were only good when we received blessing but are not really open to face trials and pains.  I hope I could post more of this topic on my next update. For now I'll just end up here, happy weekend everyone.

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