Having a career on your field of expertise is a dream come true, I said so because when we were young and studying, we are asked of the profession we would like to achieve. And from then, we started exploring our talents and interest in order for us to come up with our dreams and aim for it.

When I was young, I dreamed of myself being a nurse I was hoping to wear the nurse uniform they are wearing, during my grade school, because I had this impression  that wearing white uniform is like being pure. Well it was my motivation that time aside from that, I'm afraid of blood, dead body and frog that I think is required in medical profession.  Which I think I will have to overcome if I pursue that dream of mine. Nowadays nurses has changed image, from wearing conventional uniforms , they had choices now of wearing cool and  trending nursing scrubs that is designed for medical assistance.  And you will asked me where to buy cheap scrubs , I heard there's this site called blue sky were you can find a good  quality of scrub clothing at a reasonable offers. Maybe you could check it out so you can also see those scrub suit that I am talking here.  It would be fun and enjoyable to see their collection of uniforms being out in the market. 

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