How often do you visit the grocery store to replenish  your beauty products and personal hygiene? If you would ask me, I go to the market monthly and keep stocks that will last for a month. I buy my Alberto Vo5 clarifying shampoo to maintain my hair's shine, on conditioner I go for Kerastase Masquintense  as to address the problem of my hair from the exposure of hair products that I tried using before and has leave damaged on my hair. Other personal care that I make sure to buy is the facial scrub fro my face, alcohol for sanitation. 

Last month I buy this baby bliss porcelain ceramic curling iron for my hair, to style my hair and have it curl whenever I feel like styling it, and also I could use it for party and occasions which I am scheduled to attend this coming holiday season. I guess it was a good move for me to by it, to save me from going to the salon and asked the beautician to fixed and curl my hair. At least now I can do it anytime on my own. Another thing, when I buy that curling machine, the sales attendant talked about this styling gel that I can put on my hair after curling it, to maintain its style and shape. I was hesitant to get one, but because she was persistent and was convincing I put it in my shopping cart as well, and proceed to my next stop.


CHEEN said...

ooh, curling iron ? i love that xD so how was it sis ?

Rhea Gulin said...

nice, you really see to it that you would have everything at its best! cause me, i don't care bout those... hehehe. but its not that im not hygienic! i just have a shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and wash for... ya know :)