I've had so many rainy moments in life. It came flashing again today while it rains heavily this morning until this evening. Rainy season has took part in my journey to life, those ups and downs and those tears I've produced silently that only the rain had witness. They were tears of joy and tears of pains.
Is it life's requirement for a person to feel pain  in order to appreciate the mystery of life?  If this is a requirement, I'm in. I've already taste my own tears , taste bitter  like the feeling it gives me. But I have no regrets from those pains that I have encounter. For without those experiences I wouldn't be myself now. I would not discover that I am strong and can easily cope up with pains. Good for me I have a big God that  strengthen me. Those pains have given me sense of valuing happiness.  


★Jasmine said...

playing under the rain is very soothing for me :D

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It's nice to have a very positive attitude regarding hurts and pains. We must trust God that He will not give us an experience or pain that will not work for our own good. Later on in life we begin to see those pains in a better and more appreciative light. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.