Yuletide season is yet to come, Have you notice how time pass by? so fast , right? when I think of Christmas, it gives me mixed emotions of joy and gladness. Because it is when during Christmas, children see Santa claus, it is also the time when gift giving is everywhere. A time where love is in the air. I'm not saying that during Christmas,its only the time were we show our love to our loved ones and neighbors , but it is more given emphasize during this season. The air of Christmas is so different, and I just love it.Big malls, parks and other establishment have their C7 led christmas lights that adds up beauty to the night. Even in our own houses, we buy decors and other stuff for our Christmas tree at home. These are only one of  the few ways we do,in preparation and welcoming the Holiday season. Next month its going the be start of the BER" months. Wow, the fact excites me.Happy Holidays in advance.

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