I usually received a forwarded messages on my email almost everyday. And because they are getting much of the space of my inbox and I can't attend to open them one by one and read them, I leave it unread for months now. Besides I know its more of chain messages. Chain messages that sometimes annoys me. After I read the message, at the end, I am asked to forward them to a volume of friends or address in my list. One of the chain messages that I opened is about God's goodness and how he died in the cross and the humiliation he receives from the people. I was touched by the fact that, God had endure them all in order for me to be freed from my sins. 

Unfortunately I was not able to send the message, because after the story, I was again asked to forward it. Not that I don't want to spread the fact and remind those people under my sphere of influence and my community because I'm sure I want them to be  informed as well.  I'll just share the story  on the other way around.  Most of the chain messages  threaten the readers to have bad luck for 10 years  or more than that, if ignore and just keep them. So I rebuke! Let the curse go back to where it originally belong. And the blessings be upon the readers.


Grace said...

Hi Sis! Welcome back to the blogsphere. I am really happy seeing you visiting my blog.

About the chain letters? I use to get that before but and tama ka minsan nakakatakot but then I always believe that if you have faith in God and you believe in Him no amount of chain letters can give you any bad luck. I only forward letters because I feel there's a value to the one who will receive it not because I am threaten to have a bad luck. Sometimes it can also be annoying especially kapag it clutter your inbox. I don't know but that's how I feel about it.

Anyway, I had fun with our talk. I really hope you can attend tomorrow if not then maybe on Wed. again. Ingat po lagi!

Renz said...

I am not a fan of chain letters as well. It gives me the creeps plus sometimes it uses God's name or Mary's or a Saint's name and then gives you a threat of bad luck in the end. Terrible really.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Chain messages and forwarded mails are good only if they do not threaten dire consequences to those who will not forward the messages to others. God does not operate this way. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.