I'm a fan of women magazine that informed  ladies and gents on fashion and styling buzz. Latest trends and tips for self enhancement and development. I get to learn a lot of things and it makes me appreciate more the beauty of those people who are giving efforts and time to make their selves beautiful and good, despite their size, their age. If we can notice, around our streets outside those huge billboards along the roads are so adorable and resistible to look. Nice and pretty, slim and tall. Handsome and smart. I haven't seen yet in a huge billboard, having a picture of a woman in her obvious size wearing a plus size lingerie, Have you? I think it would be cool and sexy to look a figure. It can boost the confidence of those people under the size of the model also. At least they will be motivated to make their selves more beautiful not just outside what is visible on the eyes of many, but of inside too. Underneath that body is a plus size you. Love it.

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