Last week my old school buddy and super friend , gave me 2 boxes of Meiji almond. It was one of the presents from her sisterhood who is working as a singer in Japan. Every time that her Ate, will come home, I always have a present from my dearest friend of mine. I love chocolate, Especially those black chocolate and of 80% of pure cacao, wow! makes me go crazy over chocolate. I thought It was all, 2 boxes of chocolate, but when he came to my parent's house, my mother told me that , he then leave me a bars of snickers and noodles. So sweet of him. After all this years that we've parted ways, still he was there, not just on times of good times. Goodness, if only I could turn back time. Sorry, I get carried away, maybe this is one of the effects I am getting from chocolates that I munch whenever I feel the urge from my mind. Maybe this friend of mine, would like me to have a diabetes that's why he gave me a supply of chocolates.Just kidding, To my super friend, Thank you for the chocolates and other stuff that you gave me.


fiel-kun said...

Whee I also love Meiji Chocolate Almonds. Yan lagi yung una kong hinahanap sa bag ng tatay ko tuwing umuuwi sya galing Japan hehe XD

phillip said...

wow that's so nice....a friendship is a real blessings from God.... Be glad that you have him in your life...treasure him forever...I feel jealous huhuhuhu

caloy said...

wow yummy chocolates Meiji!

JENIE=) said...

i just tried that meiji chocolates...the white one made me swoon almost! i simply love it!

missing your visits...come visit me real soon

life round meNyou

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Chocolates especially dark chocolates are good for our heart. But too much chocolate can also lead to diabetes. Just eat the right amount, not too much, so that you can get the most benefit from it. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.