Vanity , vanity. Yes, the world is full of beautiful things. everyone aspires youthfulness, fame, power , recognition and beauty. There are two kinds of people in this planet Earth. One is born with all the goodness and beauty , while other was born unfortunate. And because some are not fortunate to have the body and faces that they dreamed for. Medical experts use their knowledge in finding solutions with some of our imperfections and insecurities. To mention a few, If your doubting your face, then you could always have the face enhancer machines do some correction on your face. if your issue is your bulging stomach and height, there is fat burners in the market to help you with your struggle. and many more.I wonder if man have come up with a solution if you have this problem with your love life, and you wanted to forget the person and would not want to bear the pain anymore, I would find out that soon.

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charmie said...

Hi, thanks for visiting.. Yes, I want to burn my fatsss.. I should look good in wedding..LOL!