I was so lazy the whole day yesterday, after having my breakfast and dinner I return to my room get back to sleep.Anyway, It was my way of rewarding myself from the hard work during the week.I did plan to blog hop after resting, so I turned on my personal computer and leave it open unattended. Later, last night I woke up and decided to turn off the pc, with a heavy body I stand up and improperly shutdown the computer and continue my sleep. This morning, I found out that my pc was in trouble,I thought I could fix it the usual way. The monitor was showing message that pc was not properly shutdown and so, a commands were listed to choose which will load the windows application. I did choose for the command says' last known configuration, then enter. Suddenly I was seeing the windows application loading but after a while it would direct me back to the message command were I need to choose again command such as : safe mode, safe mode with network , safe mode command prompt , last known configuration , load windows normally. I have tried all the command to my hope that the windows application will load completely, but nothing happened. I'm suspecting that my windows application was corrupted. Though my technician friend told me that I could run first a check drive on windows or in dos mode to see the errors. I'm planning to reformat the pc since I have partitioned my hard drive. But I have to seek advice first with the experts, to avoid another trouble in my part.I don't like to punished myself for being impatient last night, because I'm sure I have learn my lesson now.

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