Yesterday, I was wasted the whole day because not having a good sleep. My fault also, as I know I needed to sleep at the right time for me to have energy for the following day, yet I keep busy on playing games even if it was already late. Because of that, my 6 hours sleep every day becomes 2 hours for two consecutive days, Thursday and Friday.

So when I was at work yesterday, things were different. I fell that my bones inside was shaking. And no matter how hard I try not to fall asleep during our film showing at our worship hall, men I failed to do so. Though I really wanted to keep alive  because the film was good and very informative , I could not hold my eyes anymore so I end up sleeping while the movie was playing. My loss. And because of this bad habit of mine every night, I am guessing that I will use the best acne treatment that my friend hand me when I accompanied her during the time that she shop for facial care. Actually I didn't want to accept it, because I don't have acne but as she said, who knows you will need that someday, for prevention. So I keep it and maybe this is the right time to use it, as I keep on abusing my beauty regimen.

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