I use to shop for my grocery needs at home every cut off , a bad confession to tell is that  no matter how hard I tried  to resist spending on stuff that are not  listed in my grocery list , I still fall on giving my mind a reasoning. Poor me, because I have to sacrifice my savings to satisfy my wants.And one of my practices that I religiously do is keeping my receipts for  my future references. 

But I get headache trying to figure out those items that I buy on some receipts that I have kept before. Why is that such a big supermarket don't give a good quality kind of transaction purchases?. I'm not sure if they are aware of  their transaction receipts quality. If I may suggest with their management, why not buy a good quality ink printer like of  epson receipt printer that other competitors are using. This way, receipts can be a good reference to their customers when monitoring  prices of the items from  previous to current purchases. Its now  time to upgrade to get along  very well with the progress  that we have now.

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