I am happy to share here that at last I was able to meet and see in person my blogger friend Gracie of Learnhow2earn.net. She called me this afternoon to confirm if I can join the free seminar which their company is offering for everyone. The Seminar was about educating the participants on how to spend their money wisely. And I am one of the privilege participant on that seminar earlier. I really enjoy the topics being discuss and  of course the exciting part was seeing Gracie face to face.

It was a new experience to me, since she was my first blogger friend that I have a chance to see in person. I was just dreaming of it before of being able to meet in person those bloggers that I have constant communication through this medium.Now a bit of it came true, and  It's really a different feeling , and you know what'  Grace was so charming and cute, shes such a true beauty. Thank you Gracie, for inviting me to join the seminar. See you again.  

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