As usual nothing much for me today, Why is it during weekends I have to do the usual thing. Like doing the laundry, fixing the room's curtain, bed sheet and organizing stuff that I missed out during the week. I was wondering when will I be promoted from this weekend routine of my life. My body clock is not cooperating, I'm having a lazy bone today, and yet my mind is injecting me responsibilities that I should be doing. Oh, my mind is working but my body still enjoys the long weekend that I have.Good luck to me, I'm sure I'll be cramming tomorrow if I don't get myself moving before it gets late this afternoon. Move. move.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kumusta na..

Renz said...

ahhh I can dance with the same tune.


reyapot said...

i sometimes feel and experience the same thing on weekends..