When I was a college student, my parents was so strict when it comes to accepting  friends that I introduce with them and invited at home. My mom's famous line for me i before was,  " Tell me who you're friends are, and I will tell you who you are". I am so against with her beliefs, so I keep some of my friends which my mom totally dislike. I didn't care, my mother was just overreacting and I wanted to prove her wrong.

Then one fine noon, my mom saw one of  my friend on the neighborhood while that friend of mine was popping a cigarette. Knowing my mother, she start suspecting  me that I am also smoking. Of course not, though I tried  some stick to experience how it feels like, but I did not  like the taste so I never make it a habit like most of my friends do. Only after my graduation that my mother gives me the full freedom and  learn to accept  some of the  friends that she was so allergic before. At least I have prove her that not all quotes are applicable to all people. By the way, there's this what you called electric cigarettes  that I have learned, good for the health and safe to use. I could spread this news to my cigarette lover friendship. I wonder how much will it cost  a person to have this kind of rechargeable cigarettes.Really cool. I would love to try this out if someone invites me to experience this. (winks).

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