Everything happens for a reason and it serves a purpose in our lives once there is unexpected events that comes along our way. My parents have this tracking business. 5 years ago, it was giving them a good return of investment. Meaning all is running smoothly, until last quarter, last year. The truck that was used to service goods and other stuff for their regular clients  has started to demand for maintenance more often and overhaul. 

If only my opinion for their service vehicle was consider, I would  suggest to dispose of the vehicle. And buy a new one. I was reminded of a  5th wheel warranty for mechanical breakdown insurance that some vehicle owners have. If only my parents were patient  enough to secure insurance and assistance for their tracking  business, things for them will be easy now. They won't worry much of the mechanical needs of their service vehicle. And I won't be worrying for them either. Well, I guess this is life, we just have to learn the lesson and start again.

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lina@women's perspectives said...

We can learn from our mistakes, right?