I seldom hear my friend from downtown Brooklyn early this year, but last week I decided to go online on messenger when after I sign in my account I saw offline messages from her. She was telling me her current family status and their struggles. I replied also with her offline messages but luckily after hitting some lines for her, she sent me a reply,I laughed and tease her of being invisible mama. Well, going back to her story, She said they are Moving to New York . This time they decided to move because its more practical for them to do that. Now they will transfer in their new apartment were the size is half smaller from their previous apartment, but it doesn't matter. She said that's the best thing to do to reduce expenses. And I admire her being practical and wise.

Now, Its normal to hear our friends and even family abroad transferring apartments to another places.  Why? because life is not getting easy as time goes by. So if the family can choose better options to move out and transfer in, chances are to really take the offer. After all moving their things and tangible assets is not an issue with them. I heard New York Moving Companies and is giving them all the assistance they need of moving out. Good for them they have services like that.  While in some countries and states, only few had these kind of services. I know Katy will soon send me the picture of their new home and will wait for that.

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