I was shocked to see the comment of  Ate lot in  Thoughts of SAHM about my page rating on my crucial bliss page; she said my page rank  is  4,so I quickly scroll down the page rating icon that I have installed in my site then saw it also.It was really a wow! I  have always wanted to reach  that rank one day after getting a pr 3 last year. Happy to have that rating on my other blog. Wooohooh!!

To verify the authenticity of my rating I checked it again on the google ranking site and wow ! to my amazement, it was  really a number 4. Thank you , thank you google and to all my  friends here who never fails to stop by in my page. I, checked this page of mine also  but the result was the same; still I am thankful that I am able to maintain the rating here. Yes, I wonder why my other two blogs did have progress while this page did not. I thought of how google ranked pages' . I have read  some blog tips before that updating blog regularly help boost ones site and of course posting good articles too. So I compared all my three blog site and I realize that those two blogs of mine that have step up in rank has a latest personal post, while this page latest posting is a sponsored one, so that makes me conclude that , maybe google did not like the idea of posting two consecutive paid post here so my rank remains the same . Now I have learned my lesson. It's always best to create unique posting that would  interest your readers to visit you  more often.


bleep said...

im back missing you friend! ;)congrats dear! maybe you're right about having more paid posts than personal posts...i'll bear that in mind..

quantumindonesia said...

congrats dear..
please don't forget about backlink if we were talked about pagerank..