Holy week, falls on the first week of April 2010 making Thursday and Friday holiday. Meaning I have a long weekend to look forward, I've been longing this long weekends to come and now I am enjoying it. If not for these celebration  I don't know when will be my next long vacation. Thank be for the Holy week. Thursday I was able to do all my to do list and have rest the whole day without having any worries for the following day. Friday, I have my silent time with God, reflecting my life and my savior. I remember, I decided to have my water baptism  last March 5,2010 at the pool of Manor Hotel, which I am employed. I don't want to exaggerate my holy week, I spent my  holidays at home, reading , eating and reflecting, acknowledging His unconditional love for man. Great is the Lord isn't it? To God all be the glory!

Some celebrate the week with a bang, some stayed at home some travel and spent the week out of towns , some just spent their week at home. I did celebrate the week at home to give myself time to reflect and be free from the crowd outside. Today, even if I wish to go out I can't do it because the whole compounds path walk is under construction. Workers are concreting the hallway,making the grounds higher for an inch. Well, the owner of the apartments I guess realize that wet season is coming; so she is just preparing us for the floods.How sweet of her. 

I heard black Saturday is the day where all big establishments in the city will resume their operations. No wonder, my friend texted me today, and ask me  if the mall is already open. Silly, they keep on asking me as if I know the malls notice. But because I heard malls are open on Saturday, I told them what I knew. I have no plans today aside from blog hopping and sleep, my day will be spent here alone in my room. I prefer it this way, noiseless; tomorrow I will have my way home to visits my parents and see my beloved  niece and nephews.  How about you? how did you spend your week and where?

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