I've been planning to buy a new pair of shoes since our new set of uniforms were already issued to us last month.I am not sure if I am still going to but those high heels shoes though they are the ones required for girls to use to add a little posture on ones built, I tried using one before I used 3 inch tall stiletto; and it was giving me a better look really, but the problem is the I can't maintain it wearing shoes like that the whole day inside the office, I had my varicose veins developed in my legs.So I stopped using them. I find it comfortable to use those vellet shoes, but our management don't encouraged us to use those kind of shoes. 

I, prefer using shoes that could give me the comfort of my foot needs, but it's also good to wear those footwear which can also add good posture and and the same time giving your foot a space to breath. I know some person who loves to shop for footwear and always takes home a good deals of shoes. She told me, some of her secrets, well it was not really that top secret; they were just a basic rules in choosing the right footwear.Of course you have to choose shoes that would fit your feet and other things to consider. Anyway, I also have to buy a new pair of panty hose stockings with me tomorrow because my old pairs are retiring already, if they can only talk and complain they would probably tell me to replace them, haha. 

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