I remember my grandmother during my childhood days, whenever I look for her in the morning I would always see grandma in our little garden. I find it weird every time she talked to the flowers and other non bearing plants in the yard.One time I can't hide my curiosity anymore on why she kept on talking to the plants as if those plants will talk back. And what if they do, I wonder what my grandmother would do( smile). According to my grandmother, plants have also life they are like humans that needs care and attention which explained her hobby in the morning.

I have mention those memories of my childhood days with my grandmother  because I chance to land in this page of plants and Planters that has huge selection for Indoor planters also having Outdoor planters as well. I could imagine my grandmothers' face if I show her those stuffs that I have discovered in this site. I know plants and flowers have been part of her life so whatever things that can be associated with planting would definitely makes her happy. And I would love to show her more Decorative Planters in order that she may express more her creativity on gardening.

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