I am trying to claim my calm from the very the time that I open and found out that things aren't good tonight. If you'll asked me why?, the reason why is that I am a bit annoyed- my internet connection is consuming my time in an idle mode. What a night. I have a turtle internet connection, I can't help myself frown of being stuck waiting to load the page I wanted to view. It hinders me to blog hop tonight so to make myself occupied I grabbed some task.

To all my friends out there whom I owe a visit tonight, please do excuse and forgive me as I am experiencing  trouble with my internet connection. As much as I would like to get to see updates in your page I am really sorry for myself. I am going to rest early tonight to recharge for tomorrows another big day. I hope after having such issue , tomorrow will be a good one for me. Well, this is life its not always good and okay, I can't blame my internet provider, anyway they can't stop people from using the internet and maybe this explain having traffic and busy networks tonight.

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