Computer has become our necessity in our daily living and 70% of the world population is using computer and internet. I have browse a site wherein they are discussing the security of the computers we have at home,  office and even our own personal laptop and computers; the one thing that had caught my clever mind is this thing they called keylogger in which according to the author could give  computer owner the privilege of knowing all the activity of their computers at home when your not around, wow I like that. Because my sister and his friends loves to use my computer when I'm on the office. If you will ask me why not put some password on my computer so they can use it, my answer is , I can't do that  my sister might  not like it. and worst she'll have this bad feelings over me. I don't like that thing to happen. So I might just use other options that can track down her activity on my computer, and in that way she can be responsible in using the internet.

If your in doubt and would like to monitor whose using the computer and what are the sites they visits without their knowing that their being monitored, spy detector is I think a must try  gadget to own. This simple usb can be very effective source of checking your computer activity anytime of the day. I can't hide my amazement with these new discovery of recording and monitoring your very own computer that is being used by another person. It may sound improper to others but to those who are in the business and just starting to establish this is somehow a wise move. 

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