Our CFO treat us out tonight after office hours. Anyway, our CFO is also the founder of the singles group in our company, she is still single and young at the age of 25. Because she is going to celebrate her upcoming birthday on February 11,2010 she decided to treat us out tonight , taking our  weekly scheduled Tuesday community  life. You know I am so blessed to have joined these group, I have learned  to become optimistic, keep treasured of the good things and moments. Through this group I have learned to share my time, I became independent and learned to love myself more, I appreciate more of life's wonders and goodness. I appreciate people around me and had taught myself go out of my comfort zone. The old me had somehow adopting  and changing for  the better. Before, the only thing that gives me extra happiness is when my special someone take me out for dinner and  a movie,  I always refused to join the groups activity like bonding and out of towns because I'd prefer spending the day with my special someone. Not until the time I have given myself  a  chance  to go out and enjoy life without my special someones presence, Now I am more confident and mature.  I discover something in me that could complete  me . Learning to become whole and unique while I am still single and  uncommitted is really good, that's why I am so thankful and blessed that these group is a part of my life now.


home said...

congrats.. keep it up :D

Beng Gee said...

Hello Yen! Glad to know you are enjoying your single life. You are only young once so you might as well enjoy those youthful days fully!

Have a great weekend!