Its already past twelve in the midnight now yet I feel like I still have pending task to do that needs to be accomplished now. How I am going to do that the tick tack of my wall clocks here in my room is moving so fast. Counting back of my accomplishment today, This morning I woke up late, eat my brunch at around eleven a.m go back to my room and watch movie and sleep after watching 2 movies in the row. Wakes up again at around 3 pm to take a bath and have my late lunch. pack up for my uniforms and clothes and prepare to leave at my parents place. Go to mall this afternoon at around 5pm to buy some goodies and got myself a new parfume.Arrived here in the apartment at around 7pm and there you go, start hopping and and explore the net.I have made some entries in my other account and here as well so I guess its time for me to log off, because tomorrow is Monday.

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