My Aunt asked me to look for sites were we can find cheap business cards to introduce her internet shop business. And since she was into internet shop business, I suggested her to just make her own business cards for she has all the resources. But of course browsing the net can help a lot to guide her what kind of business card she will come up to. And I am just glad that she like my idea and start browsing the internet while we were chatting, She was not that excited I bet,(smile). Well in what we know of our economic condition right now, it is wise to save and if we can lessen our expenses, why not? after all internet was made to make our lives easier and help us strive out of losing money. I know my Aunt is aware of that and I hope after giving her my opinion she'll come up with the design she likes for introducing her business with her friends and colleagues. I'm sure I'd get cards from her too and spread her cards with my friends in case they need the service of my Aunt's internet shop.

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