According to the scripture in the bible, All is permitted to do or to eat but not all is good and beneficial. This is not the actual word I only get the thought as what I have recalled in that passage.  Yes, we are all aware of that and meaning we should be aware of all foods we are feeding inside our system. We are all responsible of all the actions we are taking and all the consequences of it. In terms of foods we are eating it is always best if we eat the natural foods that God has provided us in our own garden. As we all know in our generation right now, more and more foods made with chemical ingredients are being out in the market for consumption and that could have a negative effect on your body.What we drink everyday is very important because these is were we get our energy for the day. We can always buy those sophisticated foods and drinks in the market that we wanted to buy but make sure your getting the right benefits from it.You would not want to risk your heath right? Water and Syntrax Nectar are best for our body to rehydrate our system.With what the marketing strategy can make today to influence our lifestyle, it is our responsibility to take our extra precautions for our health. 

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