I am so thankful today that I had my time to sleep the whole day. Forget about cleaning the room, fixing the bedsheets and everything for my needs today. Now, I'm back and fully charged again. Last night me and tabi, went to the place were we used to go during the times when we were starting to know each other well. Though our first two hours was wasted because I get irritated with our neighbors tent, that irritation leads to silence for more than an hour and that makes him annoyed too. We were like strangers with each other while eating our dinner because we were not talking at all. The following hours was quite good and well spent in the new cottage we  transferred. We had to because we will go home losers if were not going to enjoy the beauty of that place. While leaving the first cottage and pay for our bills, tabi  argued with the cashier in charge. He was so irritated with the cashiers attitude. I was annoyed too, because the cashier was arrogant yet dumb but I  keep my calm and leave all that arguing with  tabi and the cashier. At the end the issue was resolved and the cashier was apologetic after tabi confronted her and asked the management to check her work. Justice was served for us. After the incident, we forgot about our own issue and started laughing at each other. We spent our night chatting ,having a few drinks and staring the full moon outside the window of our cottage, we leave the place past  midnight  and go home  to rest. Life is good especially if spent with someone you connect well. Ordinary things becomes extra ordinary when were not fighting, haha. I love it.

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